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Founded in 1979, Maple Leaf Music has become the go to store for quality fretted instruments in New England and beyond. As an actual downtown, brick and mortar presence with a long standing reputation for great service and knowledge, we strive to source the finest stringed instruments for all levels and playing styles. As co-owners of Maple Leaf Music, we know that music makes people‚Äôs lives better. It is a unifying force that connects us as human beings, and an age-old human tradition that brings joy and provides a venue for personal expression. For over 35 years, we have served our local community and surrounding regions, specializing in the sale of individually produced, handcrafted, stringed instruments. In a retail landscape now dominated by large, impersonal box stores and mass-produced inventory, supporting, sustaining, and preserving the craft of small-batch instrument builders has become a priority for us. As one of only a handful of stores of our kind remaining, we attract professional to amateur musicians and collectors from around the nation. Also, we are the trusted local resource for live sound advice, repairs, lessons and entry-level instrument purchases. We strive to be an oasis for those who share our passion for making great music and the tradition of fine hand craftsmanship.


Staff at Maple Leaf Music


Meet Maple Leaf Music's friendly and knowledgeable staff. Whether you need help navigating our vast inventory, assessing the value or repair needs of your instrument, or if you have any one of the numerous musical (or non-musical) questions we've heard over the years, we're here to help. 

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Trades and Consignments at Maple Leaf Music

Trades and Consignments

Maple Leaf Music wants your quality used instruments. Trades, purchases, and consignment options are available to help your old instrument find a new home. Get in touch and we can help with the research to find an appropriate current market value.

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Custom Order your dream instrument at Maple Leaf Music

Custom Orders

Maple Leaf Music believes that a custom order instrument is a great choice for the musician who wants something unique. Guitars, ukuleles and mandolins can all be made to your specifications. Design your own instrument!

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Repairs and Maintanence at Maple Leaf Music

Repairs and Maintanence

Maple Leaf Music is a full service shop for fretted instruments; repairs, setups and general maintenance concerns can all be addressed here. The Maple Leaf staff does simple setups on-site, time permitting. More intensive work can be dropped off here for Tucker Barrett as well.

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