Repairs and Maintanence

Repairs and Maintenance at Maple Leaf Music

Maple Leaf Music is a full service shop for fretted instruments; repairs, setups and general maintenance concerns can all be addressed here. The Maple Leaf staff does simple setups on-site, time permitting. More intensive work can be dropped off here for Tucker Barrett as well.

Tucker Barrett

Tucker is our recommended local repairman. He can fix or restore any guitar, banjo or mandolin and is very quick with most of his projects. His fret work is particularly exquisite. Especially important are his skills at installing pickups, in particular the K&K’s, our best selling model. Tucker can assess both the needs of the musician and the individuality of the guitar to determine the best placement of the pickup contacts for optimal sound production. Formerly employed at Froggy Bottom Guitars, you can now find him at Maple Leaf or call him to visit his Brattleboro shop at 802-254-6299.

Interview with Tucker Barrett