G&L Musical Instruments

Today, G&L is committed to preserving the memory and rich history of Leo Fender, as well as his passion for creating instruments musicians will embrace for decades to come. G&L is a guitar design and production company founded by Leo Fender and George Fullerton in the late 1970s. Leo sold the Fender company in 1965 and then designed and produced instruments for Music Man into the 1970s. Wanting more control over their products' design prompted Leo and George to start the G&L company.  

G&L instruments are similar to the classic Fenders, but with some modern innovations. They are built at the same facility on Fender Avenue in Fullerton California that produced the early Fenders. G&L instruments are not widely distributed but are highly regarded by many musicians and collectors. Furthermore, the relatively small scale of production allows for more custom options than are possible on larger production lines.



G&L Musical Instruments ASAT Classic Alnico We ordered this no frills tele-style guitar with an industry standard nut and a satin neck to accomodate the preference of the majority of our customers. The timeless format of the telecaster continues to be popular in all styles of music.
Not available
Electric Body Type: Tele-Style
Electric Body Wood: Swamp Ash
Color: Natural
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