Pisgah Banjo Company

The banjos from Pisgah Banjo Company are handcrafted in Fairview Valley, North Carolina with native Appalachian hardwoods including cherry, walnut and maple pots. The necks are constructed using persimmon wood and are appointed with lovely headstock inlays with contrasting woods.  Patrick Heavner, master luthier at Pisgah Banjo Co and a native of North Carolina has been building banjos for six years.  He harbors a deep respect for the history and culture of Appalachia and has worked with renowned craftsmen in Boone and Brasstown.  Heavner combines a building approach that draws from the traditionalism and innovative spirit of the the mountain culture when constructing these banjos.  Folk quilting patterns turn up in his lovely, understated headstock inlays of contrasting woods.

Maple Leaf Music is impressed with attention to detail in the construction of these banjos.  For a price point under $1300, these banjos knock it out of the park.  Point to point details and immaculate joinery are the foundation for these toneful banjos.



If ever there was a banjo that could be labled "Steam-Punk" it would be this Pisgah Dobson Rambler. It has a great Dobson tone that is amplified in volume and in overtone qualities by the singing stainless steel rim.
1,295.00 USD
Banjo Type: 5 String Open-Back
Banjo Rim: Cherry, Spun-over Stainless Steel
Rim Diameter: 12"
The guys at Pisgah Banjos in Asheville, NC have been doing excellent work, and this Maple Dobson A-Scale is no exception. Tonally it is a bit on the bright side, but still very balanced. In spite of its small size, it is quite loud.
1,450.00 USD
Banjo Type: 5 String Open-Back
Banjo Rim: Maple
Rim Diameter: 11"
This Pisgah Banjo Company Custom Cherry Dobson has very full sound, which is nicely broadened by the hand-made Dobson tone ring. It's a great banjo that any old-time player would do well to have in their collection.
Not available
Banjo Type: 5 String Open-Back
Banjo Rim: Cherry
Rim Diameter: 12"
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