Eastman Guitars

The acoustic guitars, archtops, mandolins, and ukuleles built by Eastman Guitars have many high-grade characteristics that make them outstanding instruments both tonally and aesthetically. These instruments are responsive, well set up, and classically attractive; all built to that same standard that the Eastman Strings name has become known for. As their accessible pricing has secured their popularity among working professionals and hobbyists, they've also inspired American luthiers to stay on top of their craft. 


The Eastman E6OM is a versatile, comfortable guitar whether you fingerpick or strum: a great option for the musician stepping up to a solid-wood instrument!
799.00 USD
The Eastman Guitar E20SS is without a doubt, one of the best slope shoulder dreadnoughts out there for the money. For flatpicking and fingerpicking, this is a terrific and affordable choice. Bright, responsive, and powerful!
1,199.00 USD
The E8OM is a stunner of a guitar. Big sound, bell like tone, and great playability. It has a full fingerpicked sound, but is a great strummed or crosspicked instrument as well.
Not available
999.00 USD
This Eastman MD305 is a classic carved top A-style mando with a nice, balanced, woody sound. Definitely a great-playing, great-sounding mandolin that is a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate players across a wide variety of styles.
479.00 USD
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