Froggy Bottom Guitars

Froggy Bottom Guitars' 40+ year history has garnered legendary status from some of the top players in the industry. Their small team of  luthiers in Chelsea, Vermont led by the master builder Michael Millard build a diverse line representing some of the most lively, resonant, and artfully constructed guitars in the world. The parlor, C, M, and H model guitars are unparalleled for fingerstyle. Each instrument is a work of art with a deep palette begging to be explored. Ask any respected luthier for their thoughts on the Froggy Bottom sound and you will hear nothing but praise, and probably a bit of envy as well. 


The top on this SJ guitar is built from Michael's private stash of top grade German spruce which makes this guitar ultra responsive. Slope shoulders are known to be boomy strummers, but being that this is a Froggy Bottom, it has a clarity and evenness across all ranges which makes it very versatile. I'm not saying that it doesn't have boom, it does and lots of it; however, the German spruce balances this boom with strong treble responses.
7,762.00 USD
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