Electric Instruments and Amps

The shop maintains a highly selective stock of new and used electric instruments and amplifiers. Fans of humbuckers, P90s, stratocasters, telecasters, or hollowbodies, will feel at home here. 
We carry guitars and basses made by Collings, G & L, and Eastman.
Think the best darn ES175 copy you’ve ever seen. The name at the top does not start with the letter “G”, it says Eastman, but the price tag at the bottom is correspondent. The Eastman AR371CE is handsome, playable, and great sounding.
899.00 USD
Color: Sunburst
This is how a Jazz box should look and sound. If your need is a working mans jazz/blues guitar, that doesn't break the bank this is the one. In terms of sound and playability the last couple of Ar372 have sounded just as good or better than any newer 175's we have tried.
979.00 USD
Electric Body Type: Hollowbody
Electric Body Wood: Maple
Color: Sunburst
Eastman T386 is an amazing ES335 copy but way less expensive. Handsome, playable, great sounding. The pick ups are warm and well balanced, with plenty of output. As far as we’re concerned this is better than a copy it is a true contender in the hollow body electric market.
899.00 USD
Electric Body Type: Semi-Hollow
Electric Body Wood: Maple
Color: Red
The Fender Deluxe Reverb blackface: the holy-grail of guitar amps. We are ecstatic (to say the least) to have this all-original 1966 beast in the shop; especially since all the components from the reverb tank to the speakers are in essentially perfect condition.
3,200.00 USD
Color: Black Tolex, Blackface Control Plate
This Gibson 54/58 Reissue Les Paul Standard is a rock and roll dream to play and hear. The owner stored it with slacked strings for about the last 20 years and it's ready to go. We've given the frets a grind and polish and she plays true all the way up. The P90s sound amazing! It's rumored that these special orders were inspired by an old batch of mahogany from the '50s. Listening to this guitar, nobody here doubts it.
6,200.00 USD
Electric Body Type: LP-Style
Electric Body Wood: Maple, Mahogany
Color: Sunburst
For those of us that like instruments that are just a bit different and off the beaten path, the Kala U-Bass SMHG-FL is a glorious find. This all-mahogany axe is a very short scale electric bass with the attitude (and looks) of a ukulele.
549.00 USD
Electric Body Type: Short scale bass
Color: Natural
1,200.00 USD
Warmoth Telecaster electric guitar is available at Maple Leaf Music in Vermont
1,200.00 USD
Electric Body Type: Tele-Style
Electric Body Wood: Alder
Color: 3-tone sunburst
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